10 Fun Games to Play with Your Dog on a Walk

Jun 19, 2023

Spice Up Your Walks with These Fun Games

Going for a walk with your dog is always a great way to bond and ensure they get the exercise they need. But why not make your walks even more enjoyable by incorporating some fun games? Here are ten games you can play with your dog on your walks to keep things fresh and exciting.

dog walk games

1. Fetch with a Twist

Fetch is a classic game that dogs love, but you can put a twist on it during your walks. Instead of just throwing a ball or stick, try using a frisbee or a soft toy. This will challenge your dog's catching skills and keep them engaged.

2. Hide and Seek

Find a safe and enclosed space, like a dog park or a quiet wooded area, and play hide and seek with your dog. Hide behind a tree or bush and call your dog's name. They'll love the challenge of finding you and it's a great way to practice their recall skills.

hide and seek dog

3. Treasure Hunt

Turn your walk into a treasure hunt by hiding treats or toys along the way. Start by letting your dog watch you hide the items, then encourage them to find them. As they get better at the game, you can make it more challenging by hiding the items without them seeing.

4. Obstacle Course

Create a mini obstacle course using natural elements you find on your walk, like logs, rocks, and benches. Encourage your dog to jump over, crawl under, or weave through the obstacles. This is a great way to challenge their agility and keep their minds stimulated.

dog obstacle course

5. Follow the Leader

Take turns being the leader on your walk. When it's your dog's turn, let them choose the path and follow them. When it's your turn, lead your dog in a new direction. This game encourages your dog to pay attention to you and helps strengthen your bond.

6. Red Light, Green Light

Teach your dog the classic "red light, green light" game by having them walk or run alongside you. When you say "red light," they must stop and sit. When you say "green light," they can start moving again. This is a fun way to practice obedience and impulse control.

red light green light dog

7. Tug of War

Bring a tug toy on your walk and engage in a friendly game of tug of war with your dog. This game is great for building strength and teaching your dog to play gently. Just make sure to always let your dog win to keep their confidence high!

8. Chase

If you have a safe, enclosed area, engage in a game of chase with your dog. Let them chase you, then switch roles and chase them. This is a great way to burn off some energy and have a blast together.

dog chase game

9. Simon Says

Play a game of "Simon Says" with your dog by giving them various commands, like sit, stay, or shake. If they perform the command correctly, reward them with a treat or praise. This game helps reinforce their training and keeps their minds sharp.

10. Water Fun

If your walk takes you near a body of water, like a lake or a shallow stream, take the opportunity to play some water games. Toss a floating toy for your dog to fetch or encourage them to splash and play in the water. This is a great way to cool off on a hot day and add some variety to your walk.