Exploring the Top 3 Dog-Friendly BBQ Spots in LA

Jun 28, 2023

Unleashing LA's Best Dog-Friendly BBQ Spots

Los Angeles, the city of angels, is known for many things - the glitz and glamour of Hollywood, the beautiful beaches, the vibrant nightlife, and of course, the food. But did you know that LA is also a paradise for dog lovers? Yes, you heard it right. The city boasts numerous dog-friendly restaurants and cafes where you can enjoy a delicious meal with your furry friend by your side. In this post, we will take you on a culinary journey to explore the top three dog-friendly BBQ spots in LA.

dog-friendly restaurant

1. The Park's Finest

Experience Filipino-American Fusion BBQ

Located in Echo Park, The Park's Finest is a unique BBQ spot that combines American BBQ techniques with Filipino flavors. The restaurant has a spacious outdoor seating area where dogs are more than welcome. They even provide water bowls for your furry friends. The menu is a delightful mix of smoked meats, sweet desserts, and vegan options. Don't forget to try their famous cornbread bibingka.

The Park's Finest restaurant

2. Bludso's Bar and Que

A Taste of Authentic Texas BBQ

In the heart of Hollywood, Bludso's Bar and Que offers a taste of authentic Texas BBQ in a laid-back, dog-friendly environment. The outdoor patio is a great spot for you and your dog to relax while enjoying some of the best BBQ in town. From the brisket to the ribs, everything is smoked to perfection. Their sides, including mac n' cheese and collard greens, are equally impressive.

Bludso's Bar and Que

3. Maple Block Meat Co.

Where Wood-Smoked Meats Meet Modern Comfort

Last but definitely not least, the Maple Block Meat Co. in Culver City is a must-visit for all BBQ and dog lovers. This modern BBQ joint offers a dog-friendly patio and a mouthwatering menu that focuses on wood-smoked meats. Their signature dishes include the smoked chicken and the prime brisket. And if your dog is a BBQ fan too, they offer a special “doggy menu” with options like the “pooch plate” which features a healthy serving of meat and vegetables.

Maple Block Meat Co.


LA is a city that loves its dogs and its BBQ, and these three spots perfectly embody that spirit. So the next time you're in the mood for some delicious BBQ and want to bring your furry friend along, be sure to check out The Park's Finest, Bludso's Bar and Que, and Maple Block Meat Co. Not only will you get to enjoy some of the best BBQ in LA, but you'll also get to share the experience with your best friend. Now that's a win-win!