Understanding the Coyote Threat

In the city of Los Angeles, the urban coyote population has been steadily increasing, posing a potential threat to our beloved pets, especially dogs. Coyotes are adaptable creatures and can thrive in various environments, including city parks, empty lots, and even residential areas. It’s crucial to understand the risks and take proactive steps to protect your dog.

Los Angeles' Urban Coyotes Aren't the Problem—People Are

Recognizing Coyote Activity

Typically, coyotes are more active during the night, but they can also be spotted during the day. They are opportunistic predators and may view small to medium-sized dogs as potential prey. If you notice signs of coyote activity in your area, such as tracks, droppings, or howling, it’s time to be extra cautious.

Protective Measures for Your Dog

1. Secure Your Yard

One of the most effective ways to keep your dog safe is to secure your yard. Coyotes can easily jump over fences that are less than 6 feet tall. Therefore, you should consider installing a coyote roller on top of your fence. This device makes it difficult for coyotes to gain the leverage they need to pull themselves over the fence.

coyote roller

2. Keep Your Dog on a Leash

When walking your dog, especially in areas known for coyote sightings, always keep them on a leash. A short, non-retractable leash is ideal to maintain control and prevent your dog from running off if they spot a coyote.

3. Avoid Feeding Wildlife

Feeding wildlife can attract coyotes to your yard. Ensure all trash is securely stored and pet food is never left outside. Bird feeders can also attract small animals, which in turn can attract coyotes.

What to Do If You Encounter a Coyote

If you encounter a coyote while walking your dog, it’s important to know how to react. Do not run or turn your back. Instead, make yourself appear larger by raising your arms, and make loud noises to scare the coyote away. If the coyote continues to approach, throw rocks or sticks towards it (not at it) to discourage it further.

coyote encounter


While the presence of coyotes in Los Angeles can be unnerving, taking these precautions can greatly reduce the risk to your dog. Remember, the safety of your pet is paramount. By staying vigilant and taking appropriate measures, you can ensure a safe environment for your furry friend.