The Best Dog Bakeries in Los Angeles

Aug 01, 2023

Los Angeles is home to a plethora of gourmet dog bakeries that serve up some pretty amazing pupcakes and other canine confections. These bakeries offer baked goods made with carob (not chocolate), minimal or no sugar, salt, or artificial coloring, and meals that dogs adore. Here's a comprehensive guide to the best dog bakeries in Los Angeles.

1. Three Dog Bakery Encino

ThreeDogBakeryEncino | Bakery for dogs | 17301 Ventura Boulevard, Encino,  CA, USA

Three Dog Bakery Encino is more than just a pet shop; it's a place where your dog is treated like a family member. They offer a wide variety of health-conscious sweets that are all-natural and organic. From "Pupcakes" to a large selection of dog chews and goodies, they have something for every canine palate. They also provide special deals on their delectable flavors and even allow your four-legged companion to plan the celebration with unique outfits and accessories.

Address: 17301 Ventura Blvd #3, Los Angeles, CA 91316
Telephone: (818) 935-6966
Website: Three Dog Bakery Encino

2. Daisy's Delights Los Angeles

Peanut Butter Tiny Dots | daisysdelights

Daisy's Delights started with a simple desire to give their dog Daisy natural low-protein biscuits. Now, they offer delicious, natural, handcrafted artisan dog treats made with fresh human-grade components. They produce their own peanut butter, use hormone-free chicken, fresh farm eggs, and create their own broths. Their treats are grain, gluten, and wheat-free, making them a top choice for health-conscious pet owners.

Address: 5405 Wilshire Blvd #234, Los Angeles, CA 90036
Telephone: (310) 273-0092
Website: Daisy's Delights

3. The Dog Bakery

Three Dog Bakery — California By Choice

The Dog Bakery is known for its gourmet dog treats, handmade with the utmost care and excellence. They offer a wide range of flavors, including bully sticks, cakes, and even gift cards. Committed to producing the finest natural dog snacks, The Dog Bakery ensures that their products are fresh, natural, chemical-free, and always discerning.

Address: 36 W Colorado Blvd, Pasadena, CA 91105
Telephone: (310) 313-1801
Website: The Dog Bakery

4. Duke's Pupcakery

Duke's Pupcakery

Duke's Pupcakery is an online bakery that offers homemade baked goods with no more than six ingredients. They don't use chemical preservatives, and their desserts and snacks are free from artificial additives. They are always looking to expand their pastry selection and welcome ideas or requests for sweets from their customers.

Address: Online ordering only. Delivery to Los Angeles.
Email: [email protected]
Website: Duke's Pupcakery

5. Top Dog Barkery

TOP DOG Barkery Bath & Boutique

Top Dog Barkery is known for its custom-made cakes and other goodies for special dog events. They bake everything from scratch without any sugar, salt, or preservatives. Their bakery showcase is frequently updated, and they offer a variety of flavors, including their highly popular "Top Dog Bar" and K9 Cupcakes.

Address: 180 5th Street #110 Huntington Beach, CA 92648
Telephone: (714) 960-3647
Website: Top Dog Barkery

6. Naked Dog Bistro

Naked Dog Bistro Serves Barking-Good, Diet-Friendly Dog Food | Laguna Beach  Living | Your Go-To Guide to Laguna Beach

Naked Dog Bistro, located near the ocean in Laguna Beach, offers a variety of desserts, including cupcakes, biscuits, donuts, dog sushi, and french fries. They also sell Puppy Scoops, an ice cream mix that you can freeze at home. Their refrigerated bakery case offers a seasonal variety of flavors, and they make one-of-a-kind cakes on a special order basis.

Address: 424 Forest Avenue Laguna Beach, CA 92651
Telephone: (949) 715-9900
Website: Naked Dog Bistro

7. Apple Dog Bakery

Apple Dog Bakery

Apple Dog Bakery is an online bakery that specializes in custom cakes made from all-natural ingredients and natural food coloring. They take pride in making nutritious cakes and cookies without sugar, gluten, preservatives, or artificial colorings. Their quality control officer, Leo, ensures that all their baked goodies are delicious and nutritious.

Address: Online Only. Delivery to Los Angeles.
Email: [email protected]
Website: Apple Dog Bakery


Whether you're looking for something special to surprise your dog or a healthy treat, Los Angeles offers a wide range of dog bakeries to choose from. Each bakery has its unique offerings, ensuring that there's something for every pup's taste. Next time you want to pamper your pet, consider visiting one of these top dog bakeries in LA!


Q: Are all the dog bakeries in Los Angeles listed in this article?
A: This article highlights seven of the best dog bakeries in Los Angeles. There may be other bakeries in the area, but these are some of the top picks.

Q: Do these bakeries offer only dog treats, or can humans enjoy them too?
A: Most of these bakeries specialize in dog treats made with canine-friendly ingredients. Some bakeries mention that their products are human-grade in quality, but they are primarily intended for dogs.

Q: Can I order online from these bakeries?
A: Some bakeries, like Duke's Pupcakery and Apple Dog Bakery, offer online ordering and delivery to Los Angeles. Others may have in-store purchases or local delivery options.

Q: Are the treats offered by these bakeries suitable for dogs with dietary restrictions?
A: Many of the bakeries listed offer treats that are grain-free, gluten-free, and without artificial additives. It's always best to check with the individual bakery or consult with your veterinarian to ensure the treats meet your dog's specific dietary needs.

Q: Can I request custom-made cakes or treats for special occasions?
A: Yes, several bakeries like Top Dog Barkery and Naked Dog Bistro offer custom-made cakes and treats for special dog events like birthdays or adoption celebrations.

Q: Are these bakeries eco-friendly or focused on natural ingredients?
A: Many of the bakeries emphasize using natural, organic, and fresh human-grade components. Some also produce their own ingredients like peanut butter and broths to ensure quality.

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