The Top 5 Dog-Friendly Breweries in Los Angeles

Jun 30, 2023

Discovering L.A.'s Dog-Friendly Breweries

Los Angeles is not just a city known for its glamorous Hollywood scene, but it's also a haven for craft beer enthusiasts. And the best part? Many of these breweries welcome your four-legged friends. Here are the top five dog-friendly breweries in Los Angeles that you and your furry friend should check out.

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1. Golden Road Brewing

Located in Atwater Village, Golden Road Brewing is a favorite among beer lovers and their canine companions. With its spacious outdoor patio, your dog can enjoy the sunny L.A. weather while you sample their wide selection of craft beers. They even host regular "Pups and Pints" events where they donate a percentage of their sales to local animal charities.

2. Angel City Brewery

Next up is Angel City Brewery in the heart of downtown Los Angeles. This brewery is known for its industrial chic vibe and a wide range of unique brews. Dogs are welcome in their outdoor beer garden, making it a perfect spot for a relaxing afternoon with your pet.

angel city brewery

3. The Dog Haus Biergarten

As the name suggests, The Dog Haus Biergarten is a paradise for dogs and their owners. Located in Pasadena, this establishment not only offers a variety of craft beers but also serves gourmet hot dogs. Their outdoor patio is dog-friendly, and they even have a special menu for dogs!

4. Arts District Brewing Company

Located in downtown L.A., Arts District Brewing Company offers a wide range of craft beers in a hip, industrial setting. Their spacious outdoor patio is a perfect place for dogs to lounge while their owners enjoy a pint or two. Plus, they have an array of games like cornhole and ping pong to keep you entertained.

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5. El Segundo Brewing Company

Last but not least, El Segundo Brewing Company is a must-visit. Known for their hop-heavy brews, this brewery welcomes dogs in their tasting room. It's a great place to unwind with your furry friend after a day of exploring L.A.

In conclusion, Los Angeles is a city that loves its beer and pets equally. So, the next time you plan an outing with your dog, consider these dog-friendly breweries. You'll enjoy the unique brews and your dog will love the new sights and smells.

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